SAGE Counselling Centre

Our History
Established in 1991, the SAGE Hotline (1800-3538633) was officially launched to provide a listening ear to anyone who needs to talk about matters related to the elderly.

Two years later, SAGE Counselling Centre was set up as a special programme of Singapore Action Group of Elders to provide free face-to-face counselling to the needy elderly & their families.

In 2005, SAGE Counselling Centre hosted the nation-wide “The Seniors Helpline (1800-555-5555)” supported by NCSS.

Since 2008, the Centre has developed into a Professional Counselling Centre with an independent identity. We have also obtained NCSS full membership & IPC Charity status.

Our Mission
SAGE Counselling Centre aims “to enhance the total well-being of the older persons and their caregivers with a special focus on the psychological and social aspects of their health” and “to promote the well-being of older persons by listening & responding appropriately to their concerns and needs”.

Our Philosophy of Service
To provide gero-counselling for the elderly and their caregivers with professionalism, respect, concern, commitment, and competence.

Our Core Values
• Compassion • Commitment • Excellence • Leadership • Professionalism • Responsibility • Respect • Teamwork

Our Funders
SAGE Counselling Centre is jointly funded by the Ministry of Family and Social Development and National Council of Social Service via Community Chest

Our Multi-level Service Directions
• Clinical level: Intervention / Remedial work
o Provide individual & group counselling, expressive therapy, case management, and referral
• Preventive level:
o Conduct public educational talks, workshops, seminars in community facilities to create self-awareness which in turn promote self-care and mental wellness of seniors
• Community level
o Participate in community & nation-wide activities & collaborate with other social service sector partners which work with older generation.

Dr Esther Tan
Board Chairperson

Dr Chan Kin Ming
Board Vice-Chairman

Ms Lee Soo Kwan
Honorary Secretary

Mr Zulkifli Mohd
Honorary Treasurer

Dr Kan See Mun
Assistant Treasurer

Dr Leong Keng Hong
Board Member

Mr Tan Kian Choon
Board Member

Mr Robert Fu Qiguo
Board Member /
Internal Auditor

Dr Lee Ngak Siang

Dr Elena Lui Hah Wah

Mr Charles Leong Yew Kee
Legal Advisor

Ms Seng Yuh Jen
Board member